Article 8-ERP Myths decoded–Myth#1: ERP is too expensive

Some high-end, integrated ERP’s are costly.But that doesn’t mean they qualify as a right choice for your company.
ERP selection is key of successful implementation of affordable yet effective ERP . ERP should qualify following two basic criteria’s
1) Cloud ERP
2) Modular ERP
Let’s see why?
1) Cloud ERP –  renting the server space, rather than owning the server. No need to invest lakhs of rupees in purchasing and maintaining your own servers. Just by paying merely around Rs 5000 per months you will able to get server space, with latest configurations, large storage capacity, maximum network uptime and guarantees no single point of failure.  If your ERP is on cloud, then you can access you ERP from anywhere and anytime.
2) Modular ERP – It is always advisable to choose modular ERP rather than implementing integrated ERP. You apply the ERP on your current constraints and not on the whole system. This is possible if you use a modular ERP, you can identify your pain areas and start with that module first. For example, if keeping inventory up to date is your issue then start only with Inventory Module. Which will be easy on your pocket, less time to implement and you can check if that ERP is suitable for your business and then you can expand to other departments and then connect modules with one another so data can flow from one department to another.

So ERP implementation is not too expensive if you choose cloud over in house server for ERP and choose Modular ERP over integrated ERP or apply the ERP on your current constraints and not on the whole system.

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