Article2-What is a static, dynamic and #responsive website ?

What is a static, dynamic and #responsive website ?
My #CatalystERP customer, CEO of a Top 10 Metal Treatment company, asked these questions as they were planning to change all their group company websites.
Everyone knows what a website is, so let me start with Static and Dynamic websites by taking some anologies.
1. Static Website – Consider a music concert you are watching on a TV channel. You can view it and at max change its volume. You cannot request the singer to sing the song you want. This is simply because the content is already recorded and is just being replayed. Similarly A static website is where the content is already created and is just being replayed. You cannot change the content without recreating it, which can take a bit of a time depending on how much is to be changed. Example of a static website is my companies website

2. Dynamic Website – Now consider the same anology except that the music concert is being played live at your house. So now you can very well request the songs that you want and they will get fulfilled. Similarly on a dynamic website you can request for various items and it will show you results accordingly.
Now an important point to note, even if its a live concert, you cannot make any demands e.g. you cannot ask the singer to sing your song as well as dance like Michael Jackson. He wont be able to do that as he is either not prepared for it or not trained for it. Similarly a dynamic website will only be able to show you the results for which it has been prepared for i.e. programmed for in IT language. e.g. ecommerce website or any application website in your company

Now coming over to Responsive website. This is a new term that has come in due to smart phones which are used for browsing the internet.
First point to note, There is no relation between static/dynamic and responsive website. A responsive website can either be Static or Dynamic. Responsive website basically means that the website is able to respond based on what device you are using to view it. If you are viewing it from a laptop it will show a full width page whereas if you view it from a mobile, it will re-arrange and resize the website so it appears properly on a phone in a vertical fashion wihtout horizonal scroll bars. If the website is not responsive, it will either be shown as smaller pages or pages with horizontal scroll bar. This makes the website unreadable.
For example view our original website created in 2008 on your laptop and phone ( and compare its behaviour against our responsive website ( Observe how it rearranges itself when accessed through a phone.

Last question, why do you need a responsive website ? First, because the number of people accessing webpages from phones is drastically higher than laptops and second because the search engines like Google also like it and your website will get ranked better.

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